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UART1 Autobaud Issue :Correct UartDivisor is not received for  '@' char

Question asked by marugeneral on Mar 20, 2013
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I am using BF525 processor(our own board). I am testing UART0 and UART1 for our DSP board for Transmit and Receive to/from the host computer through serial port.I am testing this from the code that i have downloaded from the below mentioned link


This code is working for UART0 and not working for UART1.


Note : In the downloaded code i am passing  '0'  to test UART0 and '1' to test UART1 respectively.



UART0 ===> using PG7 is for Tx and PG8 is for Rx pin,

UART1 ===> using PF14 is for Tx and PF15 is for Rx pin.

System Clock               : 133MHz

Internal Voltage Level  : 1.15V,

(for more details go through the attached code.)



For 9600 Baudrate :


  If we send '@' character from the host to DSP's UART Rx pin then we are getting the below "UartBitrate" and "UartDivisor".


UART0 ===>


  (Expected values)  UART0 :     UartBitrate : 0x2580 (9600 in decimal)

                                               UartDivisor : 0x0362 (  866 in decimal)         


(ACTUAL Values)   UART0 :     UartBitrate : 0x400B (16395 in decimal)

                                            UartDivisor : 0x01FB (  507 in decimal)


For  the above mentioned ACTUAL Values UART0 is working fine.



UART1 ===>


(Expected values)   UART1 :     UartBitrate : 0x2580 (9600 in decimal)

                                              UartDivisor : 0x0362 (  866 in decimal)         


(ACTUAL Values)    UART1 :     UartBitrate : 0xFFAD (65453 in decimal)

                                             UartDivisor : 0x007F   (   127 in decimal)


  But For this values UART1 is not working , receiving and transmitting only junk values on both sides (DSP and Host computer).



I have attached my UART code, please go through it and do the needful.