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Sensitivity of ADIS16480

Question asked by ChrisCEA on Mar 20, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2013 by NevadaMark


I'm performing tests with the ADIS16480, and I measured that the actual sensitivity is less than 0.05% (@40°C) which is much better than the figure from the datasheet (i.e. Initial sensitivity < 1%). Another thing is that the value in the datasheet for this parameter is not homogeneous with the others : I made a budget error for a specific experiment (handheld sensor, duration of 10 minutes etc) where angles are computed only from gyro integration, and all errors contributions (bias instability, bias temp coeff, linear acceleration etc.) where around  a few degrees whereas sensitivity (assuming 1% of accuracy) was about 50 degrees !

Then I discovered that in datasheet / REV A, “initial sensitivity“  has been replaced by “repeatability” but I cannot figure out what it means exactly ? I understand that the value of 1% is related to sensitivity and is very conservative but the note 2, pg 44 that explains “repeatability” is unclear for me : in particular what does “rate random noise (10 years projection)” mean  and how is it related to sensitivity ?

Thank you for your help