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Cr & Cb swap issue on 576p50 on ADV7181

Question asked by saurabhdynamic on Mar 19, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2013 by saurabhdynamic



     I was facing  green line on top while capturing on 576p50 using ADV7181


     We have taken some  suggestion to change the register setting of register 0x7b= 1e (Earlier Value = 1f). Now i am facing a swap of cb and cr.


     Please find attached "resolutions_settings_adi.txt" having setting for 576p50 and also other resolution setting which are working.


     Also i am attaching the read back values of 576p50 "readback_reg_576p50.txt". and the screen shot of cr&cb swap.


     Please suggest me some changes in the register settings to fix this issue.