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bf537 SPI Bus: Using greatly different SCLK speeds

Question asked by ShutEyeThinkin on Mar 19, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2013 by sonic
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Using the bf537 SPI Bus, I am currently communicating well with the m25p128 SPI Serial Flash, at max SCLK speed 25 MHz.


I would like to also control another device using the bf537 SPI Bus, and it's max SCLK speed would be much slower, at 64 KHz. Can this cause a problem using the same SPI bus, inter-mingling communications with 2 devices with such a large variance in speeds?


On the slower 64 KHz device, I will not be using a bf537 Chip Select pin, as the Chip Select will done in another way.


Would it be better/safer to use I/O pins to bitbang the slower SPI Bus device?