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SHARC, series compatible object code

Question asked by usaghi on Mar 19, 2013
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I believe there is no binary code compatibility between different series of SHARC, for example, ADSP-2116x and ADSP-2136x which we are using.

Thus we are failing to use object which was made for 2116x, link with object made for 2136x. When we tried this, we met error code,

[Error li1150]  The following input file(s) machine specification is incompatible with 'ADSP-2136x': .


Sorry to this basic question, however, if we have basic common algorithm which does not depend on hardware specific functions like input/output, is there any way to make it into object code(.obj file) which can be commonly used between 2116x and 2136x ?

I assume it is need to define target processor when we compile, but is there any way to avoid, or whatever ?


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