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Transient  Overvoltage protection on a CAN bus using the ADM3053

Question asked by Tom.abcd on Mar 18, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2013 by ConalW

I am designing my first board using the ADM3053 CAN bus driver and have a question on Transient protection.   On our previous designs using non-isolated drivers we would put TVS diodes on the Can lines and connect the TVS diodes to DC ground to protect the driver chip.


Looking at the AD app notes they suggest putting TVS diodes on the lines as added protection.  


So my question is if I put on TVS diodes what do I connected/ground them to since the bus side of the driver is not connected to any ground??  DC ground?? Earth Ground??  gnd2 of the driver??


Are there any wiring diagrams showing multiple devices connected up with the suggested grounding of the units?  

Some the info I have seen show no ground connection between the units.   So can all of the units just float or is it assumed that each will be connected to local earth ground?