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DBPSK & DQPSK Demodulation

Question asked by DrTom on Mar 18, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2013 by charlyelkhoury

I have a router set for 802.11b [Channel 1, 1Mbps(max)]  cabled to the input of the AD-COMMS1. I chipscope set to trigger when the value of one of the channels is greater than 0x0100. What I expected to see was DBPSK encoding but I think I am seeing DQPSK because there are two distinct I & Q waveforms, sometimes they are in-phase and other times they are 180 out. I also DO NOT  understand why the I and Q channels seem to decay. The I-Channel will decay to almost zero and then build back up and then the Q-Channel will decay and build back up.

Can anyone explain this?