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21364 SPI Slave Booting with Compressed LDR

Question asked by jwatson on Sep 17, 2009
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I am booting the 21364 in SPI Slave mode from an ARM microcontroller, as described in EE-177.  The ARM is reading the LDR headers and holding off when it finds zero init sections, there is no handshaking implemented.  This has been working great.  However, now the code size for the SHARC has become large enough that we would like to be able to use the compressed LDR format that is supported by the toolchain.  I modified my code to look for the compressed header tag (0x00020000) and send the compressed section -- but the processor does not boot.  EE-177 does not mention compressed sections at all.  Are there any other considerations I do not know about?  Do I need to add some delay in certain areas to allow for decompression time?