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Answer of Smart Meter with ADE7753

Question asked by jhonier_lopez on Mar 16, 2013
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3 days ago i did the next question:

I am doing a smart meter with one ADE7753, but i don't know how should i setting the registers of ADE7753 and what should i have present to i do the communication (PROTOCOL SPI) with the ADE7753 since a PIC18F2550. I have building the circuit what you designed in the datasheet of the ADE7753 with SHUNT. I have done a circuit with the ADE7753 and a PIC, but when i read the register of the ADE7753 with communication SPI, i could see information that its wasn't appropriate because some times i saw information different in each read. what frecuency should i define para el clock of the Micro controller?


I am from Colombia (can you write and read Spanish?) and this project is very important for me, you help me, please.