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8 ADMP441 microphones with DSP?

Question asked by jdheisig on Mar 17, 2013
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I would like to collect data from four linear microphone arrays of 8 microphones each (ADMP441 in I2S). I am trying to store the data from these arrays in order to perform some beamforming algorithms later. To my understanding, 2 microphones can share a single data line, therefore I would need 4 channels for each array (16 if I combine all arrays to one processor). I recently looked into the Blackfin 527 Evaluation Board (SDP) but unfortunately found out that 2 of the SPORT pins on the BF-527 DSP are not used on the evaluation board, therefore I cannot connect 8 microphones. My plan was to create 4 identical arrays using 4 identical DSPs or uCs on 4 separate boards/evaluation kits. However, I will be sending data from these microphones (after algorithms are performed) to an SBC via USB, and I do not have 4 USB connections available on the SBC, so I would need to combine these somehow.


My question is:

Which DSP would best fit my application? Would it be better to utilize one evaluation board and connect all 32 microphones from all arrays to the inputs of this board, and parse out the data within the code?


Any suggestions would help a bunch!

Thank you in advance!



Justin Heisig