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General (2nd-Order) Tone Control ... is it working in SigmaStudio?

Question asked by dzingoni on Mar 16, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2013 by dzingoni

Hi eveybody,

I'm trying to use a 2nd Order filter as a "Tone Control", which is one of the possibilities in the drop down list.

Nothing complex, a simple workflow working at 44100 Hz.


What's happening is that the actual behaviour of the filter is completely strange, nothing to do with a tone control, and nothing to do with the

displayed frequency response.


In the Sigmastudio interface you get a small window with two knobs, one for Treble and one for Bass. You can set the frequencies for the bass and treble sections, and the values of boost in dB. If you look at the expected frequency response with a "probe" everything looks great ... but

has anobody tried to listen ?

Let's say I send a 100 Hz to the board ... I would expect the "Bass" knob to control the level .... instead what you get is nothing. The "treble"

knob actually controls the level.

I tried several frequencies with a generator ... the behaviour is completely wrong .. sometimes the treble knob changes both bass and high frequencies, a sort of loudness control ... in general there's no correlation to what you see in the probe and what you hear .... how can it be?

Has anybody used such filter?