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Errors in ADIS16488

Question asked by ser_pl on Mar 15, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2013 by ser_pl

Hi again, NevadaMark


In our project we can generate a case, when we see simultaniously tree errors in the ErrorStatus register of ADIS16488: SPI, overrange and self-test. We can say, that this result is repeatable and we achieve every time we reconstruct these conditions. These conditions include active angular vibrations around one of the axes. Additionally we can definetely say, that we don't perform self-test at this time.


So the question is the following: is it possible that these errrors really occur at the same time, or we have an SPI problem and just read some wrong data? And how the sensor behaves if an overrange error occurs? Will its functionality degrade somehow or it fully restores as soon as the measured parameters return within allowed range?


Thank you for your assistance in advance


UPDATE: When the error occurs none registers (including Product_ID) cannot be read properly, so I cannot be sure which error it is. However, the SPI flag occurs with more often than other. It also seems, that the sensor can receive some commands, as software reset and reinitialization bring it back to life.


Any ideas about the error? Is thee an easier way to recover than the reset?