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how to init bf542 ddr sdram?

Question asked by jiangjinyue on Sep 15, 2009
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I use 4 * 64MB SDRAM devices to get 256MB DDR  memory. Each bank has 2 SDRAM.


But I can only access  the first 64MB  of bank0. When I access the second 64MB of bank0, there is a warning msg:"External


memory is disabled for this region of memory".


Here is my configuration:


     *pEBIU_RSTCTL     |= 0x01

     *pEBIU_DDRCTL0  = 0x218A8411

     *pEBIU_DDRCTL1  = 0x20026222

     *pEBIU_DDRCTL2  = 0x00000021

     *pEBIU_DDRCTL3  = 0x00000020


How can I access the full rang of 256MB?Thx.