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Sharc for sigmastudio

Question asked by rwalborn on Mar 14, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2013 by rwalborn

SigmaStudio with the parts like the AD1940,  allows you to setup i2s, clocks etc right from the SigmaStudio interface. However, SigmaStudio for Sharc seems to be missing that capability. The applciation I am looking at would use adsp-21489 processor, it a 16 in and 16 out configuration with 8 of the in using the ASRC. The code would be loaded using a microcontroller such as the microchip PIC.

Am I to assume that after the Sigma studio code is loaded I would have to manually load the information into the DAI registers to control the input data format, routing for the ASRC, etc by manually I mean programming it separately through the SPI interface.