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Spice Model AD8624 OK?

Question asked by helmuts on Mar 13, 2013
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When I simulate the AD8624 with a 500 Ohm load resistor, the output is limited to 0.4V.

The circuit is a differential amplifier with gain 1 using 10kOhm resistors plus a 500Ohm load.

The design will have only +/-5 supply voltage.


I have attached a PSPICE netlist.

I found it's necessary to rise the supply voltage to +/-6.5V to get +/-2V output voltage with a 500Ohm load.


Is the mdodel wrong or can't deliver the AD8624 +/-2V with a 500Ohm load when using a +/-5V supply?

Unfortunately there is no specification or typical curve about max. output voltage versus load current.


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