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Zynq and adv7511 audio

Question asked by milosoftware on Mar 13, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2013 by milosoftware

From the reference design and documentation, I understood that the HDMI audio output is also supported in the reference design. So far I haven't gotten this to work, though the rest of the HDMI works fine.


There are two drivers available: "snd_soc_adv7511_hdmi" and "snd_soc_axi_spdif". Which is the one that does audio output over HDMI? They both claim to be the one in their descriptions.


It appears the CPU-to-codec link is missing, when I load the driver, I receive the following on dmesg output:


root@zedboard:~# lsmod                                                    
Tainted: G                                                            
ipv6 252730 12 - Live 0xbf045000                                          
hid_multitouch 7188 0 - Live 0xbf03f000                                   
tmbaccell 2332 0 - Live 0xbf03b000 (O)                                    
adi_axi_hdmi 9158 0 - Live 0xbf034000                                     
drm_kms_cma_helper 4816 2 adi_axi_hdmi, Live 0xbf02e000                   
syscopyarea 2726 1 drm_kms_cma_helper, Live 0xbf02a000                    
sysfillrect 3032 1 drm_kms_cma_helper, Live 0xbf026000                    
sysimgblt 2026 1 drm_kms_cma_helper, Live 0xbf022000                      
clk_axi_clkgen 3825 0 - Live 0xbf01e000                                   
adv7511 9048 0 - Live 0xbf018000                                          

drm_kms_helper 28330 3 adi_axi_hdmi,drm_kms_cma_helper,adv7511, Live 0xbf00b000

xilinx_dma 11107 1 - Live 0xbf005000                                      
i2c_xiic 6474 0 - Live 0xbf000000                                         
root@zedboard:~# modprobe snd_soc_adv7511_hdmi                            
adv7511-hdmi-snd adv7511_hdmi_snd.4: CPU DAI (null) not registered        
root@zedboard:~# modprobe snd_soc_axi_spdif                               
adv7511-hdmi-snd adv7511_hdmi_snd.4: CODEC adv7511.2-0039 not registered  





Probably something I missed in the kernel config, but I cannot figure out what.