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bf561 SPI non DMA mode data interrupts

Question asked by sl-ld on Mar 13, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2013 by Nabeel

Hey guys,


In the 561 hardware reference manual (10-6, pg 456) it states:


The SPI has two interrupt output signals: a data interrupt and an error



In non-DMA mode (TIMOD = 0X), a data interrupt is gener-

ated when the SPI_TDBR is ready to be written to (TIMOD = 01) or when the

SPI_RDBR is ready to be read from (TIMOD = 00).




But in the the Peripheral Interrupt Source table (4-22, pg 180) There is no entry for SPI data interrupt. Just SPI error (8) and DMA2Channel4 SPI (27). Also in the example code (Bare with me as I am terrible in ASM.) in configuration.h it refers to DMA mode/Core mode, with DMA mode having interrupts, and core mode does not have interrupts.


So whats the call? Does SPI have a data interrupt for non DMA mode on the BF561 or not?