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ADIS16445, ADIS16485 and calibration

Question asked by xfojta00 on Mar 13, 2013
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I have a question regarding factory calibration. There is information in your datasheet that these sensors are calibrated for sensitivity, bias, and axial alignment. Is my understanding right that all error parameters in datasheet are residual errors after factory calibration? Can we improve for example axes misalignment with after factory calibration or you basically reached the bottom with your factory calibration and it doesn't make much sense trying to calibrate it further? Axis misalignment is one of the critical parameters for us and especially accelerometer misalignment which is pretty high in case of ADIS16445 (0.2 degrees). Do you perform calibration for scale factor? Do you measure and calibrate scale factor error for accelerometer or gyroscope? I found only gyro scale factor error picture for ADIS16485. It would be great to have pictures like Figure 9. and Figure 10. (ADIS16485) also for accelerometer and both IMUs. We are working on sensor error models for both IMUs and that would help us a lot.