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Advice requested -- re teaching with TigerSHARC and SHARC

Question asked by MikeSmithCanada on Sep 15, 2009
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Over the years I have taught with many Analog Processors


I started off with the SHARC 211XX at undergraduate and graduate levels, looking at its architectural characteristics to support high-speed DSP algorithms.


I then moved over to teach a junior course using Blackin looking at its microcontroller characteristics with the senior course still looking at SHARC and optimizing DSP algorithms.


At the senior  and graduate levels, I then migrated more over to TigerSHARC TS201X because I liked the two processor characteristics of the Ez-kit board plus you can do some really neat optimization with the TigerSHARC VLIW architecture. Remember I am treating this as a "how do you find a processor architecture to support high-speed DSP algaorithms" course. I don't want to teach a  "Use processors during a DSP" course  although I use a lot of examples so there is considerable overlap/


Questions are the following.


I teach the high level DSP course every two years. I did not teach it last year, so I need to upgrade the course notes.


1) So should I continue teaching with the TigerSHARC -- as it is neat stuff and I have comparable TI chip architectures to discuss, or should I switch back to the SHARC.


2) If I did switch back to the SHARC, can I re-use my notes from 6 years ago with minor changes, or has a lot changed in the newer SHARCs.