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Question asked by acc700 on Mar 13, 2013
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   I'm working in a customized board using BF548 processor. I am trying to use the function named Pixel Compositor of the LCD. Then I enable DMA15, DMA16, DMA17 ,respectively for transfer data to three buffer. I have used the LDF options to enable Instruction cache and data cache(Bank A and Bank B), and use section("sdram0_bank2") to put some data in SDRAM. I can compile it with any problem , but as I run this program ,it came up with mistakes, EXCAUSE 2A and HWERRCAUSE 03 .I step in to check and find it just stops after the completion of Init_PLL. I have read many post in the zone,and think it may be not correctly initializing EBIU.

  This is the initializing EBIU code in my project.

void Init_DDR(void)
    *pEBIU_RSTCTL |= 0x0001;
*pEBIU_AMGCTL = 0x0009;
    *pEBIU_DDRCTL0 = 0x218A8287;
    *pEBIU_DDRCTL1 = 0x20022222;
    *pEBIU_DDRCTL2 = 0x00000021;//professor default

void Init_EBIU(void)
*pEBIU_AMBCTL0 = 0x7bb07bb0;
*pEBIU_AMBCTL1 = 0x7bb07bb0;
*pEBIU_AMGCTL = 0x000f;

Does it have any mistakes? I'm sending my project attached and looking forward to your reply.