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Writting driver for AD7609 connected by SPORT

Question asked by MichaelWd on Mar 13, 2013
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I was directed to this forum from "Linux distribution form Blackfin", I hope that I will not repeating threads.

I have a custom BF537 board with AD7609 ADC that I need to handle. ADC is connected to blackfin by SPORT and some GPIO pins for reset, range, etc. I know that there is a driver for AD7606/08 chip (almost identical to mine) that use IIO framework and SPI, but it seems that connection by SPORT is not supported. I need quite high sample rate - about 100-150ks per second, and all 8 channels. I already wrote some kernel device drivers for my hardware, but I'm quite new to uCLinux and blackfin, and I have a few (maybe simple) questions.


I'm planning to create a character device for the ADC and control it by read/write/ioctl, rather then use SYSFS - is this good approach? I've seen that IIO framework very often uses SYSFS.

If I decide to create a character device than is it still possible to use IIO framework?


Thank You in advance,

Michal Widlok