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Understanding the datasheet

Question asked by sp2821 on Mar 12, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2013 by sp2821

Hi, I am having little trouble understanding the datasheet for AD8602.


On page 3, table 1, Input Offset Voltage(AD8601/AD8602) is 80uV for 0<VCM<1.3V. But 3 lines below, it says VOS is 350uV for 0<VCM<3V.

Does that mean Vos is typically 80uV from 0 to 1.3V and 350uV from 1.3 to 3?


Similarly, Vos is 700uV max for -40degC<TA<85degC and 1100uV max for -40degC<TA<125degC. I am little confused because Vos has different values for overlapping range of VCM and TA. Can anyone help me understand what they mean?