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Renesas example for ad7176-2

Question asked by Hairyback on Mar 12, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2013 by AndyR



        I'm trying to use the demo board for the 7176-2 (EVAL-AD7176-2SDZ) in standalone mode with an external 4-wire connection. Following the tutorial, same Renesas demo board, connecting according to instructions, everything works and compiles fine. But when applying a ~1V DC signal to channel 1 (or any other channel), I only get a 0V measurement on all channels.


        Can you confirm that the jumpers LK5-9 are to be removed? Further, I should be able to use the demo board in stand-along mode like that without the CB1Z motherboard, correct? All the solder links should be fine in default mode? Lastly, I should not need to connect any reference voltage and such to J7, correct?


        Sorry about the elementary questions, but I've been trying for quite a bit to get this to work, this is just to check the bases and eliminate connection issues.


Thanks alot!