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Direct downconversion from 125MHz?

Question asked by mtwieg on Mar 12, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2013 by peng.chen

Hello, for my application I need to downconvert a 125MHz carrier to quadrature baseband signals (and I really would rather it be analog, please don't roll your eyes and tell me to throw down an FPGA), and I was hoping I'd find an active mixer IC which has an IF range down to baseband.  However all the parts I've seen either don't go all the way down to DC such as the AD8343 (or at least don't specify any operation there), or have a limited RF/LO frequency range where my frequency doesn't fit, such as the AD8347. I don't absolutely need a quadrature package, just having a suitable mixer core would be enough right now.


From reading the AD8343 datasheet, I'm wondering if I could terminate the open collector outputs with low value resistors (10-100ohms) instead of chokes to get DC outputs, but I have a feeling that if this worked well, then the datasheet would mention it.


So are there any options for me?


Thanks in advance,