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ADE7880 Power Calculations

Question asked by andoniv on Mar 12, 2013
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My name is Andoni Villarreal and I am developing an energy meter with the ADE7880.


I am new at this and I have some questions regarding the power calculations of this device.


I am using the ADE7880 evaluation board with a Magnelab CT which already has an internal burden resistor, giving a fixed voltage output depending on the current flow.


For test pupouses I am only connecting a single phase to it so I can monitor the rms current and voltage channels. I set the current channel gain register to 0xF89999A to decrease by 92.5% so it converts the voltage output of the CT to the current reading, so according to the CT specs, if I have a 127mV rms output, a 9.4A current is flowing through the counducor, corresponding to 0.0094A being in the same proprtion to the voltage channel input which at the moment is 125mV rms.


My first question is regrding the explanation I gave above. ¿A<m I doing it the right way?


Secondly, by getting the right RMS voltage and current channel readings, for active power calculations, how can I interpret the xWATT registers values to a meaningful Watt reading as well as the xWATTHR registers?


Thank you very much for your kind supprt!