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Reducing Noise on an ADXL345

Question asked by microcontrolled on Sep 15, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2009 by LucaV

I'd like to measure some relativly low-frequency, low-intensity signals (rotations at less than 25 Hz), but there's a lot of strong vibrations (High frequency noise) in the environment my device is in. Is it possible to set a low pass filter in the ADXL-345?


If so, is it also possible to oversample? Say, measure at a frequency of 400 Hz, while the low pass filter cuts out noise above 25 Hz.


I didn't see anything in the datasheet about setting filters, so my guess is that I'm SOL. I suppose I could do all of this in software on a DSP, but I'm trying to target a low-power, low-feature microcontroller.


Thanks for your help!