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Blackfin 533 and ICE -100B-ND

Question asked by whogoesthere on Mar 12, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2013 by CraigG

I'm attempting to achieve a successful connection between VisualDSP++ and a custom DSP board with a BF-533 using the ICE-100B emulator. To make sure my software installation is correct I am initially using known hardware, I have installed the emulator and connected it to my working EZ-KIT Blackfin 533 board. Good news, all works correctly. I should note for other users that a USB share port cannot be used and that the USB must be on your host PC. Once I found this problem I could download my programme successfully to the EZ-KIT board through VisualDSP and single step etc. So, I now know have a working software installation.


I then moved the emulator to my custom hardware but unfortunately I could not connect to the target . I used the same session and came up with the error code 0x80044005. I have tested the JTAG pins on the emulator and compared them against the states observed when the emulator is successfully connected to my EZ-KIT hardware. The only difference is the EMU pin which, on my custom hardware, is high (3.3) whereas on the EZ_KIT it is low (0V). Using the [Configurator..][Test..] function on my custom hardware shows 1 JTAG device connected and the scan is successfully completed.


Can you advise as to what error code 0x80044005 indicates and suggest any additional debugging I should carry out to connect the emulator successfully. What are the mandatory target processor conditions for a successful JTAG connection (ie clock, bus pins etc).


Many thanks for any assistance you can provide!


VisualDSP 5.0 with Update 10 and ICE-100B with 1.2 firmware