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AD7606-4 pulling up Vdrive?

Question asked by russmay on Mar 12, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2013 by russmay

I am seeing an AD7606-4 with AVcc=5V and Vdrive=3.3V apparently pulling up the Vdrive supply. Is this normal?


This question is related to "AD7606-4 or AD5547 backdriving +3.3V power supply?" in the "Precision ADC" forum. It was "assumed answered", probably because I did not reply quickly to questions about troubleshooting details. I did not know at that time whether the AD7606-4 or the AD5547 was pulling up the Vdrive supply. Now I know it is the AD7606-4. I have provided some details lately. See my March 1, 2013 reply in that article for the details. Replies either here or there would be appreciated.