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SigmaStudio creation of selfboot image hex file

Question asked by R.Greenway on Mar 11, 2013
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We are testing a prototype of a stand alone i2c programming dongle for our ADAU1701 project.  The dongle takes the selfboot hex file created from SigmaStudio and stores several of them internally.  A press of the button will flash the selected image into the ADAU1701 eeprom.  The dongle resets the DSP and disables itself on the bus so the DSP can properly self boot.  This all works, the issue (minor) which we are having is that the Sigma Studio software won't generate the IC2 folder or the E2Prom.hex file unless the USBi dongle is attached.  (Doesn't have to be attached to a DSP, just needs to be attached to the computer.)  The file is only written when "Write Latest Compilation to EEProm" is selected, that object is greyed out unless a programmer is involved.   Is there any way of getting Sigma Studio to create this file without the USBi dongle? 


I just tried a few more things, which got me back to where I was on Friday.  The option does appear on the software after a Link/Compile, but using it causes a fatal crash to Sigma Studio if the USBi is not attached.


See image:





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