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Can AD9910 generate FM using only serial interface?

Question asked by Neow on Mar 11, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2013 by DSB


  I would like to know if I can use AD9910 to generate stereo multiplexed FM (as in FM broadcasting) using only its serial interface.  The freq deviation is max 75khz.  I have a FPGA to perform signal processing and interface to the device, so externally I am not constrained.  However, I am only given the serial interface to connect to AD9910.

  If yes, what is the mode that AD9910 should be operating in?  If using SINGLE TONE mode, is it by modifying Frequency Tuning Word directly?  Will modifying Frequency Tuning Word interrupt the operations of DDS?

  Is the serial interface fast enough for stereo FM broadcasting? Baseband is 53khz, so I figure I would need at least 106kHz sampling rate.