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ADuCM360 beginner

Question asked by Storvagun on Mar 11, 2013
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I'm just starting to use ADuCM360, and I have some questions. First thing I want to do is to check precision of the AD converter. Nominally it is set as 24bit, however, when using example(ADCMeter.c), during the calculation of lsb size in volts 28bit value is used as resolution(268435456). This is the part of that code:


DioTgl(pADI_GP1,0x8);           // Toggle P1.3
bSendResultToUART = 0;     // Clear flag
fVolts = fVoltage;
fVolts    = (1.2 / 268435456);     // Internal reference, calculate lsb size in volts


Can anyone be so kind to explain why 28bit values were used during the conversion?


Other question is - In this example AIN0 and AIN1 were used as external voltage input - Can I add another pair of pins as aditional input, and how?


Thank you in advance!