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Target halted due to software breakpoint but no breakpoint found

Question asked by spflanze on Mar 9, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2013 by CraigG

I have a custom board based on the BF547. The external SDRAM is the same as used for the ADSP-BF548 EZ-KIT Lite and the connections to it are the same. I had my VDK application running earlier. But something has changed. It is possible I have made an error in Project > Project Options.


When I build the project I get these messages in the Console when the DXE file loads:


Load complete.

    Core fault detected before halt at address: 0xEF00000E.  Attempting to reset processor.

    Target halted due to software breakpoint but no breakpoint found at address: 0xffa225f6

    Possible reasons are:

    1.An embedded breakpoint (EMUEXCPT instruction) in the code

    2.A breakpoint is placed at the last instruction of a do() loop

    Warning: Address 0x1D5B3B38 does not exist in the memory map.

    Warning: Address 0x1D5B3B3C does not exist in the memory map.


Attached is a screen shot of the EBIU, Sequencer Status, Call Stack, and Disassembly right after loading.


Attached also is the EBIU custom settings file, and screen shot of the LDF settings


Cache and memory protections are off. LDF Exceptions support is on. Size of external memory is 64MB.


I have for Link > Processor(1) the "Internal SRAM and external SDRAM" options selected.


The error messages show it is trying to access reserved memory. I do not know why.


When I attempt to execute the code I get an exception thrown with an EXCAUSE value of 24.