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Example NFC Driver Fails Under LWIP Application

Question asked by on Mar 9, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2013 by Prashant

Dear all ,


I am working with bf 548 in one of our custom board , trying to use nfc driver in Lwip ethernet application , it fails

1 - If i do nand reset and then do rd/wr to nandflash it fails , and then after my lwip application also fails .

2 - if i use NFC driver in standard application it works perfectly , without any problem .


i tried to debug what can be the problem is but iam not able to figure out  , my sequence of using nfc driver with lwip is


nand reset ( ok ) --> nand initialization (ok)  --> rd/wr ( fails) -> lwip ip configuration (link establishment - ok )-> lwip tcp socket creation( fails ) .


i have attached the worknig NFC driver in standard application ( from analog devices) ,

Please help , completely hanged up , not able to proceed .


Thanks and regards

Sachin patil