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Boot from bootloader to application failed

Question asked by on Mar 8, 2013
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I use ADuCM360MKZ eval board (128KB ROM/8 KB RAM). The bootloader (0x0000 -0x0DFFF) sets VTOR to 0 at the beginning and jumps to application at exit. Application code(0xC000 -0x1FFFF) sets the VTO to 0xC000 at the bebinning.Here is my problem:


Two identical applications A & B with everything the same except B has extra varaible which increases the RAM size by 4. A works fine. It can be loaded by bootloader and runs. B can be loaded but it crashes after the bootloader jumps into it.


A map file:


2 368 bytes of readonly code memory

628 bytes of readonly data memory

4 530 bytes of readwrite data memory


B map file:


  2 368 bytes of readonly  code memory

    628 bytes of readonly  data memory

  4 534 bytes of readwrite data memory


Again, A & B are identical except B has one extra variable which is not in use.


Other than set up the VTOR, anything else needs to be changed when move from the bootloader to the application? It seems to me the bootloader RAM usage has something to do with the application. My understanding is when it jumps to the application, the RAM used in the bootloader should be all released.


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>>>icf file is attached.