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ADXL362 development board

Question asked by Redangel on Mar 8, 2013

Hey MEMS Team,


We are two erasmus students who are working with the ADXL362 and the ADXL362z-DB (rev2).

We want to use the development board as a data logger and real-time data viewer.

Therefore we used the firmware 'multidemo.hex'. But if we run this firmware on the DB, no data is logged (SD card is empty) and it seems to us that the multidemo.hex is working as motion switch but not as a datalogger. How can we put the device in datalogging mode or view in real time on the pc? There is no user manual for it since the development board we use is the Rev2. (we only found a manual for Rev0, some things have changed on the Rev2 board, for example the jumpers...)


Thanks in advance

Kind regards


Klaas & Tim