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Ad8347 I/Q output

Question asked by yeesiong on Mar 7, 2013
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I have just started to use AD8347 and there are some question regarding the I/Q output from AD8347. As far as I understand, we can represent the I/Q in such equation :



and the phase can be obtained by arctangent demodulation of (Q/I) . Did i get it correctly?

I'm currently running some experiment where i have a RF in connected to AD8347 and the output is connected to dual ADC and samples at 1000Hz.

What I trying to understand is how is the value of I/Q varies when a target is approaching/moving away from the receiver. Could you help to clarify on the I/Q signal value varies with the moving target? It is possible to says that I/Q value will be higher when the target is approaching the receiver and vice versa?


Please correct me if i understood it wrongly.