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ADM3485, dummy load at termination

Question asked by usaghi on Mar 7, 2013
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We have asked question from a customer, who will adopt three of ADM3485 and communicate through maximum 23 meter.

They are going to use 100 Ohm termination, but want to know how much wattage of dummy load can be recommended at termination of each end.


Perhaps it is a issue of short circuit in accident and probably required wattage depends on how much current loaded at each end.

However, we can see thermal shutdown capability in the datasheet of ADM3485, but we don't know how it works in detail.

If thermal shutdown works well, it seems there only necessary to add dummy load, only the period before thermal shutdown actually works.

Could you please let us know exact condition of this shutdown, or time and load/current correlated data/chart ?

As well, if you instruct how do we estimate and decide wattage of dummy load, it would be very much appreciated.


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