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Questions regarding ADC data

Question asked by dinrail on Mar 6, 2013
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1) Page 32, when increasing the update rate from 3.75Hz to 50Hz, the noise increased by two bits. What is the noise level when the update rate is increased to 3906.25Hz?


2) The AdcLib.c has the following comment regarding its returns, it seems to be a little misleading


          //@return ADC data (ADCxDAT).  MSb of data is bit 27.  Bits 28 to 31

          //give extended sign.    \n

          //Value of 0x0fffffff => VRef.    \n

          //Value of 0x00000000 => 0V.        \n

          //Value of 0xF0000000 => -Vref.    \n


3) When changing the gain, do I still use table 16 to determine how many samples are needed before the reading settles?