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External ADC and DAC for ADAU1701

Question asked by huy on Mar 6, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2013 by huy

Hello everyone,

I am thinking about an idea to use ADAU1701 to make an active audio filter with 2 analog input and 4 analog output. The problem is that the SNR of the internal ADCs and DACs of ADAU1701 is not good enough for me. Therefore i need to use 2 external ADCs and 4 external DACs to connect to ADADU1701. As i know, i need to connect these external ADCs and DACs to the GPIO pins, right? And How can i configure or program in Sigma Studio to use these ADC and DAC?

I will use 24 bit ADCs and DAC with SNR> 110dB.

Please help me, i have just knew SigmaDSPs for some days.

Thanks in advance!