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How to integrate custom application into buildroot?

Question asked by LukasW on Mar 6, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2013 by sonic


iam trying to build linux for a custom bf537-stamp board. Iam currently running uClinux 2010R1 on the device at the moment, now i want to update to 2012R2 using the new buildroot environment. I need a possibly lightweight linux with some network services, a custom application and some custom kernel drivers.


Kerneldrivers can be placed as kernel-patch into a custom board directory. That is not nice for maintenance of the drivers, but it would work.


However, I have no idea, how to integrate my application into buildroot in a suiteable way. I have read buildroot documentation about adding packages. But I can neighter provide a public repository nor a downloadable tarball with sourcecode - and local copy is not included in 2012R2-RC5 buildroot package handling. How do i handle integration of custom software to buildroot the correct way in this case?


And do you have a hint for me how to manage revision control on customization changes to buildroot system, keeping update ability (i.e. git connection to blackfin repo)?