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Sharc memory address decoding

Question asked by msonet on Mar 6, 2013
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I have a question regarding the address decoding on a Sharc Dsp (21469 in my case).


How can the dsp distinguish between a NW 32-bit address and a NW 48-bit address ?

The address bits 18 to 20 are used to separate the LW, NW and SW cases, but both 32-bit and 48-bit accesses are identified as Normal Word.


I looked at the 21469 datasheet to check the address range for each space in block 0 (Table 3):


Extended Precision Normal or Instruction Word (48 bits)

Block 0 SRAM

0x0008 C000–0x0009 3FFF


Normal Word (32 bits)

Block 0 SRAM

0x0009 2000–0x0009 DFFF


So the address spaces start at a different addresses, but there is also an overlap, for example @ 0x92000.

How can I determine which space is used by doing a pm(0x92000) ?


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