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Installing U-Boot on BF561 EZKit using VDSP++ flash programmer

Question asked by MarioValenta on Sep 11, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2009 by vapier

the u-boot files from I dowloaded are only in *.bin, *.ldr, or *.elf format


from archive "u-boot-bf561-ezkit-2009R1-rc3.tar.bz2":






Within VDSP++ I have loaded my flash driver and I'm ready to program the flash w/ u-boot.  However the wikis for this do not go into detail for using VDSP++, and they mention that the u-boot file should be converted to a filename.hex.ldr format.


How is this conversion done?  I know VDSP++ can handle .bin files but I don't think the u-boot-bf561-ezkit-bypass-2009R1-rc3.bin file will get me where I want to go (being able to boot u-boot from on-board flash).


Has anyone done this before using VDSP++?


I intend to develop using linux after getting u-boot running over my ezkit's serial comm port, but until then the forums at generally aren't helpful for VDSP++ related questions.


Any help is greatly appreciated.