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Double Callback on GPIO PIN

Question asked by Tommy on Sep 11, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2009 by MikeSmithCanada

Hi ADI-Support,


I am using the GPIO PIN PF12 from EZ-Kit561 in a VDK Project. The input is configured to call the callback funktion on falling edge from the input trigger.

In the callback I am Posting and ISR Semaphore to my processing Thread. At the processing thread I am suspending the callback read some information from an I2C slave device using the TWI pseudo interface DD.  Afterwards i am resuming the callback. My problem is now that the Callback funktion is always called twice. So the ISR Semaphore is posted two times and the Data via TWI interface is so read twice. Any suggestion what can cause this? Do I need to clear the Semaphore or interrupt from the PF Flag.


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