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How to control the order of tags in the ldr file

Question asked by LifeIsGood on Mar 5, 2013
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I have a multi-processor system with six SHARC DSPs. Everybody's code is in the 8-bit wide flash accessible by the master DSP. On powerup the master DSP starts and then it loads the other processors as they come on-line. The master DSP needs to know the revisions of the code for all processors in the system. The way it's done, in the code for each DSP  we define a global structure that contains a "key" followed by the code revision number. The master DSP searches the flash for the "keys" and reads in the next 4 bytes containing the revision number. This works, however, it takes a few seconds. By looking at the ldr files generated for each of the processors I noticed that in some cases the key/revision number combination is close to the top of the LDR file (ASCII), and in some cases it is towards the bottom. How can I make sure that my global structure content ends up towards the top of the LDR file? Thank you