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LIN slave is not working when i reset the LIN master.

Question asked by naga on Mar 4, 2013
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I Have been working on ADUc7039 controller, in recent past i came across a problem with LIN communication. The problem is when ever i reset the LIN master(I am using vector CANCaseXL as master and aduc7039 as slave), meance power off and power on the LIN communication between master and slave is hanged. the board's LIN communication is not working until i reset the slave i.e reset the aduc7039 board. I tried to resolve the issue and included an if condition which i written below, after including these steps i am not able to communicate with master. I strongly believe that the below steps are to be included in the program. but when i include communication is not establishing.( Master is sending request but slave not responding).


the steps i included are


if(LINSTA & 0x270)        ///check for LIN errors




     LIN_STA=LINSTA;               //reading the LINSTA register inorder to clear the interrupt


can you please resolve this issue. My problem is my LIN slave is not working when i reset the LIN master.


please help me in this issue.