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adsp-21479 uart break interrupt

Question asked by sander on Mar 3, 2013
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I'm using an adsp-21479 to communicate with an other microcontroller over serial communication (UART).

The devices send messages with variable length to each other.

I've created a transmit buffer where a message is put in. Then DMA is enabled and the message is being transmitted.

On the receive side I've also created a buffer and I set the CUART0RX register to 100. This works ok and a interrupt is triggered when 100 bytes are received.


But since the length of the messages is variable, I don't know how many bytes need to be received. Therefore I would like to use the "break interrupt" to indicate the end of the message and trigger a interrupt. I've implemented this in my test application but it seems that no break interrupt is triggered when rx DMA is enabled.


Is it possible to use DMA to put received data in a receive buffer and trigger a break interrupt when no more data is received?


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