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ADV7180 - How to distinguish multiple analog inputs at output

Question asked by Yogesh on Mar 3, 2013
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I am trying to use ADV 7180 to decode four CVBS input cameras (supporting PAL and NTSC) format and connected at An1,An2,An3 and An4 inputs of ADV7180 which is configured for auto detect.


As output from ADV 7180 is in the 8 bit BT 656 format, how to distinguish at the output whether the output was due to An1 or An2 or An3 or An4.


See below fig,


Analog         a1 ------->[                   ]

inputs          a2 ------->[   ADV 7180 ]   =====>P0-P7 (Output BT 656 format). to OMAP 5 Image processing Unit.

                   a3 ------->[                   ]

                   a4 ------->[                   ]


here How can I get to know at the output if it was due to a1 or a2 or a3 or a4 as the output which is in the format BT 656 does not contain any header information (related to a1,a2,a3,a4) which can help me distinguish between various inputs.


I am new to Image processing , so your inputs will help me understand and modify the adv7180.c driver in Linux.