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ElementCount in ADI_DEV_1D_BUFFER

Question asked by spflanze on Mar 2, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2013 by jobo23

I am doing DMA transfers over an EPPI bus on a BF547 using VDK drivers.


The manual at:

Device Drivers and System Services Manual for Blackfin® Processors > 10 Device Driver Manager > Device Manager Public Data Types and Enumerations > ADI_DEV_1D_BUFFER

says there is a 64KB limit for the value of ElementCount (DMAx_X_COUNT). I have looked this up in the hardware reference manual and I see a 16 bit register with no mention of what values can be put in here. So I need to know if this limitation is really one of bytes or of the element count, such that if the value of this register were maxed out at at 64k, and if the ElementWidth (DMAx_X_MODIFY) had a value of 2, could there be a total of 128kB transferred?