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Question asked by deepak on Mar 1, 2013
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We are using MPEG4 SP/ASP Decoder API on BF561 EZKIT Lite board. Here we have removed all the

connections from USB. WE are writing compressed data (coming from SPORT of MPEG4 SP/ASP

Encoder API) through SPORT to the jitter buffer of MPEG4 decoder. It is working fine with real

time video. When we insert some error on the compressed stream then most of the time it is

working fine but some time decoder stops with its core halted with some unknown exception. At

this time in the register SEQ_STAT is showing 0x24 for unknown exception.

To solve this problem we can read the above register and reset the decoder when it happens.

But we are not working in supervisor mode so we may not read this register.

Please tell some remedy to solve the above problem.


Deepak Awasthi