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    ADUC7061MKZ Hex-file download using ARMWSD


      Hi gents,


      I hope you can help me with an issue I have with the ADUC7061. I try to download a hex file using ARMWSD but when I press „Start“ I get cryptical signa followed by „received. Waiting for correct ID string“ (see attached image ARMWSD_I.PNG).

      I assume that the hex file does not have the correct information for the download tool. But I have no idea what I have to set in  µVision4 version to get the correct hex file. 


      This are my hardware and software information:


      • ADUC7061MKZ mini kit
      • connected to the PC via USB cable
      • WIN7 (32 bit and 64bit), WINXP (tried several OS)
      • Keil µVIsion4 (V4.70.0.0)
      • ADUC7061 MiniKit Blink demo (hex file attached)
      • latest FTDI driver (CDM v2.08.28 Certified)
      • latest ARMWSD tool from ADI homepage
      • ARMWSD settings: ADUC7061; COM4 and 19200 Baud; Flash program and verify; Run reset.


      I checked the available documentation („Three Steps to Success – The Optimized Smart Sensor Solution“; „AduC7XXX MicroConverter Get Started Guide Version 0.4“) but was not able to find the relevant parts.


      Is the hex file not created correct or is the connection (simple USB cable) not correct?

      Any help will be highly appreciated.


      Thanks a lot in advance.





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          Hi Cornelius,


          looks like some SW on the ADuC7061 is sending characters via UART already and you have only to

                  - push the DOWNLOAD button – keep it pushed !!!

                  - now push the RESET button and release it

                  - now also release the DOWNLOAD button

          before you to start the download in ARMWSD to put< the ADuC7061 into download mode and to avoid what you are seeing.




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            HI MMA,


            thanks a lot for your feedback. That was exactly what I missed: "keep it pushed !!!"

            Well, what I myselfe think so often: RTFM :-)

            Sorry I just did not saw the hint in the document.


            Thanks a lot again. Now everything works as expected and I can go on.